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4 Newtown Lane | East Hampton, NY

September 19 – October 31, 2022

Joe Overstreet (1933-2019), Untitled, 1970

Joe Overstreet (1933-2019)

Untitled, 1970

acrylic on canvas with metal grommets and cotton rope

89h x 71w in
226.06h x 180.34w cm


Paul Waters, Two Birds, 1972

Paul Waters

Two Birds, 1972

oil on cut linen collage on canvas

48h x 36 1/2w in
121.92h x 92.71w cm


Thomas Sills, Green Street, 1968

Thomas Sills

Green Street, 1968

oil on canvas

50h x 48w in
127h x 121.92w cm


Dorothy Dehner (1901-1994), Angular Rhythm, 1951

Dorothy Dehner (1901-1994)

Angular Rhythm, 1951

ink and watercolor on paper

20 1/2h x 16w in
52.07h x 40.64w cm


Paul Waters, Beautiful Life, 1969

Paul Waters

Beautiful Life, 1969

oil on cut linen collage on canvas

46h x 60w in
116.84h x 152.40w cm


Pat Lipsky, Drift, 1969

Pat Lipsky

Drift, 1969

acrylic on canvas

72h x 116w in

182.88h x 294.64w cm


Jay Milder (1934-), Red Subway Runner, 1964

Jay Milder (1934-)

Red Subway Runner, 1964

oil and volcanic ash on canvas

69h x 69w in
175.26h x 175.26w cm


Paul Waters, Happy Times, 1972

Paul Waters

Happy Times, 1972

collage on board

40 1/4h x 30 1/4w in
102.24h x 76.84w cm


Peter Williams (1952-2021), Untitled, 2021

Peter Williams (1952-2021)

Untitled, 2021

oil and mixed media collage on canvas

72h x 60w in
182.88h x 152.40w cm


Pat Passlof, Red Eye, 1959

Pat Passlof

Red Eye, 1959

oil on linen

42h x 35w in
106.68h x 88.90w cm


Pat Passlof, Untitled, 1960

Pat Passlof

Untitled, 1960

oil on linen

30h x 30w in
76.20h x 76.20w cm


FUTURA2000, SQUADRON 146, 2022


SQUADRON 146, 2022

spray paint, oil, acrylic, marker on canvas

84h x 98w in
213.36h x 248.92w cm


Press Release

Featuring work by FUTURA 2000, Pat Lipsky, Jay Milder, Joe Overstreet, Pat Passlof, Jeanne Reynal, Thomas Sills, Paul Waters, and Peter Williams. 

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