b. 1951



Susan Grayson (b. 1951) is a photographer who has adapted the form of conceptual art to portray a distinctly American subject matter, often touching on folklore and humor. Educated in both art history and photography, earning her BFA and MA at University of New Mexico as well as participating in the Whitney Independent Studies Program in 1972, Susan’s work is visually striking and academically engaging. While living in Cologne in the 1970’s, Susan became associated with the Dusseldorf School, studying informally with Hilla and Bernd Becher, the groundbreaking conceptual photographers, and alongside their students. Grayson appropriated the Bechers’ sterile approach to documentary photography, applying it to dynamic subject matter. Susan is perhaps best known for her photographs of 1980’s baseball players, presenting motion studies of the athletes at play, conflating conceptual art with sports journalism. For a decade, Susan photographed players, building up an archive of legendary athletes and hall-of-famers, with an unprecedented amount of information and intrigue within her frames.