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HYPEBEAST: Futura 2000 Unveils 'Violent Treasure' Window Painting at Palais de Tokyo

Futura 2000 just unveiled a new window painting titled Violent Treasure at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, France. The sprawling work is part of the Paris institution’s “window-as-canvas” initiative under its longstanding Lasco Project — an edition that started in 2012 dedicated to showcasing underground murals and art pieces by some of the most renowned street artists from around the world.

Curated by Hugo Vitrani, Futura’s latest series of window paintings feature vivid abstract compositions and his signature motifs such as splattered dots and lightning-like lines. The iconic graffiti artist first participated in Palais de Tokyo’s Lasco Project back in 2014. Futura alongside seven creatives, including Vhils and Cleon Peterson, were invited to create works inside the institution. The resulting works saw graffiti covering the white walls of the lower floor of the museum.

Violent Treasure is on view until September 13. Visit Palais de Tokyo’s website to learn more about the Lasco Project.

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