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@donalddrawbertson #highfunctioningadd

Eric Firestone Gallery June 21 – 30, 2014

Opening: June 21st | 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM


East Hampton, NY: Eric Firestone Gallery is pleased to announce #highfunctioningADD, the first US solo gallery exhibition of the artist Donald “Drawbertson” Robertson, co-hosted by the artist’s good friend, designer Lisa Perry, Carlos Souza and designer (Mrs. Donald Robertson) Kim Gieske. The exhibition will feature Robertson’s fabulously scattered internal mood board and non-stop flow of paintings, collages, sculptures and #impossiblecollaborations.

Robertson maintains nonstop motion by producing artworks of the moment. His family and his interactions with social media stars are his inspiration. Both open his eyes to new worlds. Five children and his wife constantly engage his imagination. Along with witnessing his children’s first plays with life’s nuances, Robertson collects, catalogues and reacts to images on Instagram. 

Robertson mediates on a still point between family and technology. One of a kind and candid images merge with Roberston’s design acumen to capture in an instant the essence of whatever the subject matter is with whimsical moments. His stream of consciousness pervades through mediums such as gaffer tape drawings, acrylic brushstrokes, or found object collages.

Robertson’s artwork displays immense and artistic energy developed by devoting his whole career to the creative industry and recently rejoining Estée Lauder, exclusively working with Bobbi Brown and Aerin Lauder. You may have first heard about him for being one of the three founders of MAC Cosmetics, originally based in Toronto, Canada, where he helped launch VivaGlam and raised $260 million globally for the fight against AIDS. Next trading in beauty for fashion, Robertson launched American Marie Claire before redesigning American Glamour with Conde Nast and Hearst.


As Robertson’s Instagram—the same outlet that inspires him—grows into an online phenomenon, Robertson has been nominated by the CFDA (council of fashion designers of America) Fashion Awards as “Instagrammer of the year.” Press has been extremely engaged, and recent quotes include:

“to put it simple, Donald Robertson’s artwork’s are sheer eye candy, and just fun because he can draw, tape paint or doodle on practically anything!” VANITY

“Life is one giant art project for Donald Robertson” NEW YORK

“Donald Robertson has witnessed this flipping of the old guard first hand, just one month after the unassuming 52 year old began posting his fashion illustrations on instagram”

“Robertson is similar to Andy Warhol in that he takes something iconic and turns it on its head”

“Robertson creates what he calls “tongue and chic art”: his playful creations that got the instagram world buzzing” JAY Z’s LIFE AND

“Donald Robertson is the man of the moment…”

“has an amazing ability to make magic out of the mundane”