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EAST HAMPTON, June 23, 2012: Eric Firestone Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new works by the San Francisco-based artist, Andrew Schoultz, on view through July 7th.

Andrew Schoultz, Ex Uno Plura (from one, many), takes its title from a riff on the commonly known United States motto, e pluribus unum (from many, one). For this exhibition, Schoultz has, for the first time, devoted an entire show to his flag paintings.  These works address the current economic uncertainty facing the nation and the world.  In addition, the exhibition features the artist’s signature mural painting, employing imagery of swirling tornadoes, sweeping eyes, or explosions as a backdrop.  The installation thus creates a compelling visual commentary on the American flag, interpreted within the present economic and political context.

Known for labyrinthine installations that defy categorization, Schoultz’s oeuvre is one of dizzying cultural commentary that expresses the urgency and perplexities of modern time. Like an optic brainteaser, the final results of a Schoultz endeavor combine graffiti, collage, old world cartography, and medieval script while referencing techniques such as woodcut printing, Ben-Day dots, Arabic calligraphy and the richness of Indian mural painting. Schoultz’s work captures the spirit of the times, drawing on our cultural clamor and the restless vitality of dissenting voices, political wrangling and galactic alignment.

Andrew Schoultz (b. 1975, US) has exhibited his work in more than six countries including Denmark, Germany, Indonesia, the Netherlands, and Italy and in numerous venues across the United States. His commissioned murals include projects in Portland, Maine, Miami Beach, Tucson, and San Francisco. Schoultz has been reviewed or profiled in The Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, Juxtapoz, The San Francisco Chronicle, Whitewall, Playboy and many more.

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